Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Inalienable Rights of a Child

What seems to be lost in the current clamor to make Florida, and other states, just like California in the realm of same sex marriage are the inalienable rights of a child. Just like our steady movement to allow people the right to get stoned on marijuana we, lose the perspective of what sort of damage does this do to those unable to vote or protect themselves via other means?

It is alarming that our society, in its self righteous march, to being tolerant, free thinking and politically correct at all costs turn our backs on our children in the process.

In 2008 the state of Florida passed Amendment 2 at the same time that Californians passed Proposition 8. In Florida 61.92% of voters cast their ballot to define marriage as being between a man and a woman. I don’t seem to recall that there was much, if any, backlash in the media or otherwise in Florida. All the while, all hell broke lose in California concerning the will of the people.

A child is the innocent victim in all of society’s adult decisions to adapt a particular social lifestyle. The neonate, while still in the womb, is at serious risk of being terminated as its mother debates whether or not that child should be allowed to take the first breath of life. When does the neonate get a chance to express its opinion or cast a vote? Its only choice lies in the social alternatives afforded the mother. The neonate only gets to die as a result of the mother’s decision. The abortion debate being tantamount to an act of murder has been pushed aside as the social debate rages about life versus choice. The neonate loses because it does not have the capacity to organize into the realm of advocacy and grass roots campaigns which garner candidates, laws and regulations.

The same holds true for children adopted by same gender parents. The child, whether adopted or conceived, harbors no choice as it is born into circumstances beyond their control. Their future is contrived by those who, by whatever means, are legally recognized as this child’s parents. The child’s experience as it grows in society is subject to role modeling, bullying by others and a host of other social experiences that mold its life experience. We make great strides to pass legislation to prevent cyber bullying and other forms of bullying but don’t even give a thought to the confusion created in the mind of a child born into a world which eliminates either a mother or a father.

In my opinion, a child needs both a mother and a father. No one entity can provide nurturing to that child like a mother is capable of doing. Because they were connected, literally for the gestational period, that mother is inherently capable of giving sustenance, nurturing and perspective to that child. A father is the jayvee team in that realm. However, he provides a completely different form of nurturing in his role as provider and defender and the example he sets as he nurtures the mother and does a lot of the heavy lifting that comes with parenthood.

The will of the people continues to be rendered inert by the liberal opinions of a handful of judges. Their only perspective in their roles of advocacy is to be popular with the people who think they have the answers. The rights of children are cast aside in favor of adults who think they have the better approach to the traditional union of a man and woman. One becomes Mother and the other becomes Father. Those are roles granted to us by the almighty God of heaven and earth. In our steady rebellion away from Him the most collateral damage is endured by His little ones who ought to otherwise be nurtured and protected in the best manner possible.