Friday, November 15, 2013

Log on to Craigs List and Lose Your Soul

I have had an interesting experience over the last 2-3 weeks. I have had a piece of rental property for lease and decided to post it up on Craigs List. I had great return with numerous calls and interested parties. However, for the number of interested parties I had an equal number of indecent proposals. I made the mistake of adding my e-mail to the post and had to endure being the target of phishing operations.

They all came to my e-mail in-box at odd hours of the day and night. They all sounded the same. The net result was that someone of the female persuasion was interested in me and that I should log on to a web page or call a phone number to pursue the relationship. Some even had unsolicited photoes of themselves in thier signature section or attached to the e-mail with anatomically correct images of their anatomy. Or rather someone's anatomy. I doubt that the phishers were all that attractive.

It made me recall a debate I once saw a brief sketch of between Jerry Falwell and Larry Flynt. As you may recall Jerry Falwell was the minister of the church in Lynchburg, VA who founded the Moral Majority. He was very prominent on the minister circuit. Larry Flynt was the publisher of Hustler magazine which was pronounced pornography. The encounter I saw had Flynt inquiring of Falwell how he could refer to his magazine as pornography when he admittedly had not ever read it. Falwell responded that he did not need to take the lid off of a sewer and stick his head down into it to know that it was a sewer. Score one for the preacher.

I sat on a jury sometime back in which a young man had contacted what he thought was a 14 year young girl for sex. His point of contact was, you guessed it, Craig's List. We found him guilty and he ended up facing a 5 year prison term for his pernicious activity facilitated by Craig's List.

What a shame that an internet service so widely used and successful as Craig's List should be used by the nether world of the morally and ethically challenged to trap well meant people.

Caveat Emptor indeed. You could lose your freedom, money and possibly your soul for taking the wrong turn on Craig's List.